Personal Services

Personal Services

We offer Personal Assistant, Retiree Support, Professional Organizing and Downsizing, and Relocation services on an ongoing basis or as a one-time project.

Personal Assistant: I want my life back! Delegating those everyday time-consuming errands and having quality time to spend doing what you want to do is liberating! With EFS’s Personal Assistant Service, we become an extension of yourself, anticipating your requirements and accomplishing tasks the way you would want them done.

Home Office – Set up online banking and automated bill-pay, create e-filing systems and cloud storage; assess your IT equipment and telecommunication needs; manage your calendar; and schedule your appointments.

Household Management – Oversee home vendors (repairs, landscaping, IT, housekeeping, pet sitting etc.); obtain bids/proposals; manage household record keeping; accept deliveries; vacation check-in; ‘welcome home’ preparation.

Finances – Bill management; track and review income and expenses offering ways to reduce your monthly budget; reconcile financial accounts; create budgets; monitor investment accounts and credit cards; follow-up on billing errors; collate information for taxes and coordinate with your CPA.

General Errands – Dry cleaning; shipping; prescription pick-up; gift shopping; household purchases; and mail collection. 

Retiree Support: Having grown up with both sets of grandparents living within a mile of my home, I valued and respected their wisdom, and their life experience and saw their struggle when adapting to new challenges as time passed. I can offer assistance to you, or a loved one, providing discretion and an understanding of transitional difficulties and issues.

Simplify Your Independent Living – If you, like many, want to grow old in your own home, EFS can work with you to create systems and simple processes that will streamline everyday tasks, enabling you to enjoy your home for many years to come. We can help organize your paperwork, set up online banking, and automated bill pay. EFS can review your current technology, make suggestions for improvement, and help you enable video conversations on your laptop so you can stay in touch with your family members. For any additional support you need beyond the scope of our services, we have a list of other elderly support services and community resources to help connect you to the appropriate organizations.

Ongoing Support – Freeing your time, EFS can work on a weekly or bi-weekly basis acting as your personal assistant providing assistance in all areas of your life where you need additional support. We will take care of paperwork; maintenance; bill pay; sourcing; and coordinating in-home services; help complete forms and set up online accounts; schedule your medical appointments; and if desired, attend them with you, ensuring relevant questions are answered and follow-up appointments are scheduled.

End-of-Life Planning – Discussing end-of-life issues with our loved ones can be distressing for family members. EFS can facilitate your end-of-life plan, assisting with creating legal documents and providing a confidential space to discuss and explore your health care wishes. EFS always advocates for what is important to our clients. 

Professional Organizing: Clutter causes stress and chaos, not just in our homes, but also in our minds. It can feel overwhelming, and where to start can seem a challenge too big to tackle on your own. Let EFS help you declutter, simplify, and minimize your home. Trust me, you’ll feel such a huge weight lifted when we’ve finished!

Evaluation – We offer a free 30-minute consultation to listen to your goals and assess your organizational needs. We will make suggestions on what you could do by yourself and provide a guideline of what the EFS’s decluttering process will be to create a home that is tidy, clean, and refreshing where you can relax and rejuvenate.

Declutter Process – Together, we’ll sort your clutter, organize it, and create customized systems to help you maintain your household possessions. We will help you clear out things that don’t add value (emotionally or practically) and streamline what does, keeping only what is needed and useful. We’ll try to identify why you have accumulated clutter and provide effective methods to help prevent the build-up again. For the items no longer needed we’ll help find resale sources and/or suitable recipients for donations. We love the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle

Electronic Organizing – More than ever we are bogged now with gigabytes of data and disorganized computer directories, which can lead to misplaced files. EFS will organize your computer’s filing system, create space, and facilitate backups and cloud storage. We can also take care of your online needs by setting up online accounts and automated bill-pay, making you a paperless haven! We will also assess your IT and telecommunication equipment and make suggestions to simplify and reduce costs.

Downsizing and Relocating: Are you in the midst of a housing transition? Do you have boxes that need to be packed or unpacked? EFS can alleviate the stress of the move!

Organize Items – EFS will sort your possessions into appropriate categories. With you we can determine what will be saved, stored, shipped, sold, donated, or disposed of. We can also arrange collections for donations and sale items, as well as take the paperwork to be shredded if needed.

Inventory and packing – Create a detailed spreadsheet of possessions; facilitate items that require storage or shipping with your chosen contractors.

Relocating – Working with Innovative Moving (or a company of your choice) EFS will provide a smooth and hassle-free transition between locations. Once moved, EFS can schedule a reliable, professional cleaning service to take care of your former property.

Unpacking – In your new location, ESF will help you unpack and organize your possessions, offering efficient order in your home, finding a home for all of the things you love and use, arranging your furniture, and hanging pictures. We can suggest ideas for interior and exterior areas and will assist in personal shopping for any furniture and soft furnishings needed.