Business Services

Business Services

We empower our clients by providing administrative and operational assistance. Not only will you save time and money, you will feel energized to devote focus to both business and personal life. We offer Personal Assistant, Professional Organizing, Project Management, and Office Relocation services on an ongoing basis or as a one-time project.

Personal Assistant: ESF provides an ongoing in-person and virtual administrative service for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Why should you hire someone to do what you can do for free? Because we will save you time and your time is an important asset to your business. Working with your personality and business style EFS becomes an extension of yourself, anticipating your requirements and accomplishing tasks the way you would want them done.

Business Support – As a small business owner you wear many hats, so why not allow us to wear the time-consuming clerical hat? We can carry out data management and organization, liaise with your clients, report assembly, purchase office equipment and supplies, and coordinate professional support (technical, financial, and legal).

Finance and Bill Pay – Piece of mind comes when your finances and paperwork are in order and your CPA has everything they need at hand. We’ll track income and expenses, create invoices, reconcile financial accounts, create budgets, monitor banking accounts and credit cards, follow up on billing errors, make bank deposits and payments, collate information for taxes, and coordinate with your CPA.

Concierge – We’ll make your travel arrangements (domestic and international), manage your calendar, plan events, research activities, dining locations, or sightseeing, purchase event tickets, and suggest ways to host your out-of-town guests.

General Errands – Feel liberated by delegating those everyday time-consuming errands. We’ll take care of your dry cleaning, shipping, prescription pick up, gift shopping, mail collection, and package prep/shipping.

Professional Organizer: When your office and files are neatly organized and clutter-free, not only does this create physical space, it makes it easier to find things, saving time and allowing you to focus on your business, maximizing your productivity. Delegate those tedious and time-consuming organizing tasks to EFS and restore the balance between your business and home life.

Physical Organizing – First we will assess your current needs, and which systems you would like to implement to keep your business clutter-free. After we’ve sorted through your clutter and paperwork we’ll create a filing process, organize your office, manage belongings, and provide customized systems for you to maintain your newly decluttered office. We can find resale or donation sources, or remove unwanted items.

Electronic Organizing – Paperless is the way to go. After setting up your online accounts and automated bill-pay, we’ll create a logical electronic filing system on your computer or server, ensuring to capture, store, and back up your data. EFS can also assess your IT equipment and telecommunication needs, making suggestions that will optimize your business.

Project Management: EFS has over 15 years of experience managing both large and small-scale projects. If you have a special event that needs organizing or a remodel of an office, EFS can coordinate your project. All projects are handled in a cost and time-efficient manner, through a proactive and well-defined work ethic.

Office Relocation: Whether your business is growing or you are downsizing to reduce overhead, let EFS facilitate a smooth move, removing the stress and headache from you.

Relocation – Once we have established what you are looking for, we’ll work with local realtors between Santa Fe and Albuquerque to find suitable properties on the market, either rental or for sale. EFS can view properties on your behalf and provide you with a shortlist. Please note, that travel time to property viewings will be charged at the agreed hourly rate.

Organize Office Items – Sort possessions into appropriate categories, and determine what will be saved, stored, shipped, sold, donated, or disposed of. Arrange collections or sales of items. Sort and organize paperwork, arranging shredding if needed.

Inventory and packing – Create a detailed spreadsheet of all possessions. Pack and/or arrange any materials that require storage or shipping and deliver/coordinate with the correct carrier.

Moving Logistics – Working with Innovative Moving (or a company of your choice) EFS will provide a smooth and hassle-free transition between locations. Once moved, EFS can schedule a reliable, professional cleaning service.

New location – Unpack and organize your possessions, offering efficient order to your new location. EFS can suggest ideas for interior and exterior areas and will assist in personal shopping for any furniture and soft furnishings needed.

Research – Find local schools and other education requirements, medical facilities, and practitioners for you and your employees. Find clubs, activities, events, and social functions in your new area to ensure an easy transition.